SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 

08:00AM at Village Commons - New Lenox, IL

Money may be able to buy a lot of things, but it should never, ever be able to buy another human being.





The RFTL 5K's mission is to give you real, tangible ways to take action against human trafficking. Your registration dollars go to increasing investigative efforts, prevention methods, and building awareness. You will also be a part of an experience that educates and unites our communities so everyone stands together armed with the knowledge, resources, and tools to be a part of the solution.



Where does the money go?

In the month of January, alone, we have saved 2 girls! This was done through effective efforts such as:

  • Training utility field staff,

  • Training school faculty and staff,

  • Spreading awareness to students, families, and church congregations,

  • Training law enforcement

  • Being a member of the Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force and the Training Subcommittee,

  • Prevention training that helps to identify at-risk factors in our communities,

    and more.

    Your registrations and donations will go directly to these efforts so that we can continue to save those trapped in a life they don’t deserve.

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Registering for the RFTL 5k is a family friendly experience.


Uniting with passionate people like you makes anything possible.  

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You can be the person who gives these victims a chance. 



Can't Run?

You can still take action without running.


Your donations go directly to the efforts to investigate, prevent, and continue building awareness for human trafficking. For example, at Provision Lab, we have begun to train utility field staff on how to identify human trafficking so we can catch it in our communities. That training is not possible without your donations. 





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Provision Lab, Inc. brings hands on support, training, and resources to counter human trafficking. This is accomplished with through Investigative efforts , prevention methods [Education and training], and building awareness [RFTL 5k].

Provision Lab, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with its headquarters in Monee, Illinois.


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